Develop & Customize Sage Intacct for your customers' needs

From accessing the business needs to configuring the business rules on the Sage Intacct platform, CI Global offers end-to-end services for seamless business operations.


Develop, Integrate & Migrate With Sage Intacct

Use 20 years of domain knowledge across industries and ERP ecosystems to build your business processes. Develop add-ons and customize features like reports, fields, and list views through smart rules and events.

Service Offerings

Add-on Development

Build your add-ons with cross-platform compatibility through product development: Equip your customer’s business with features they need to push progress.

Integration with Third-Party Applications

Integrate your Windows, web, and mobile app applications with Sage Intacct: Use web services deployed in the cloud for end-to-end integration.

Customize with Module Development

Make effective use of custom reports and dashboards with intelligent rules and events: Map, edit and remove fields to personalize for specific business processes.

Migration to Sage Intacct from other ERP systems

Transfer existing business functionality and add a layer of customization into Sage Intacct: Facilitate end-to-end migration through custom programming.

Product Compliance

With advancing technologies, ensuring that your solution is compliant with the latest product update is a necessity: With CI Global, keep your product compliance up-to-date.

Product and QA Testing

Iron out all errors and failures through thorough manual and automated testing: With regression testing, ensure complete product functionality before and after the update.

What Our Clients Say


Thank you for your deliverables. You have designed the Payment Requisition Manager application very well. Your team has done an excellent job in this complex solution that integrates with Primavera Contract Manager for Constructions. Please convey my appreciations to your team members.

Axis Global Partner



Excellent! By the way, Great job! You have done some excellent work. I know it was a challenge. I have been telling all my team and business partners how pleased I am:) I hope it gets you and your team a ton more opportunities!



Great job everyone!!! Thanks team for staying late and finishing this to meet/beat our deadline. Great teamwork.

Sage Software



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