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Develop, maintain and enhance your software solutions across desktop, web and mobile platforms.


Minimize the Time to Market for Product Updates

Software development started 26 years back at CI Global; The team is well-versed in developing cross-platform apps that can work in different environments seamlessly. Their experience in releasing software products for companies of all sizes helps in providing to-the-point solutions for the challenges you face.

36 product versions served across 5 different ERP versions across Windows, web, and mobile app interfaces.

Challenges with Software Product Engineering

Timeline Compliance to Meet Deadlines

Timeline Compliance to Meet Deadlines:

Application development with relentless focus: CI Global ensures that your deadlines are met at any cost.

Customer Satisfaction through Tested Products

Customer Satisfaction through Tested Products:

Intricate app testing for every product design: CI Global has proprietary frameworks built for error cause and repair.

Domain Knowledge and Technology Expertise

Domain Knowledge and Technology Expertise:

As industry pioneers, CI Global brings 26 years of domain expertise to your table.

CI Global’s Approach

ciglobal-approach ciglobal-approach

Adapt to Existing Software and Processes

CI Global's tech versatility allows them to seamlessly fit into your product development teams.

Adopt Agile Methodology for Software Development

With CI Global, get a constant cycle of planning, executing, and evaluating to match your expectations.


Fast & Financially Rewarding Customization

Develop products specific to your client’s needs with technical expertise that fast-tracks your product development process.

Thorough Product and
QA Testing

Complete manual and automated testing while building the product to ensure there are no errors during the rollout.

Cross Platform Application Development

Versatile software development across multiple platforms and operating systems like Windows, iOS and Android

Why CI Global?


Custom Frameworks and Device Lab

In-house frameworks are built to speed up web development and aid product maintenance.


Multiple Tool Integration

Use expertise in integrating multiple software; Ensure app development through cross-platform testing.


Ability to Ramp Up and Down

CI Global acts as an extended arm to your team to step in as and when you need it.


Cost-Conscious and Money Aware

CI Global ensures no unnecessary or hidden costs during the course of product development.

What Our Clients Say


Thank you for your deliverables. You have designed the Payment Requisition Manager application very well. Your team has done an excellent job in this complex solution that integrates with Primavera Contract Manager for Constructions. Please convey my appreciations to your team members.

Axis Global Partner



Excellent! By the way, Great job! You have done some excellent work. I know it was a challenge. I have been telling all my team and business partners how pleased I am:) I hope it gets you and your team a ton more opportunities!



Great job everyone!!! Thanks team for staying late and finishing this to meet/beat our deadline. Great teamwork.

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