Comprehensive Add-Ons for Sage 300/300c

Develop tightly integrated/standalone solutions with complete functionality to enhance Sage 300 for your customer's business.


Build on Sage 300/300c for Customer's Needs

Design and develop features that solve business needs through add-ons for Sage 300/300c (previously Accpac).

Service Offerings

Develop Purpose-Focused Add-Ons

Avoid chaos and data fragmentation: Ensure data continuity and extend the functionality of Sage 300 with add-ons developed for business progress.

Complete Integration with Functionality

Create connect and develop functions to streamline processes: Provide scalable third-party integrations to identify and maximize opportunities for your customer's businesses.

Full-Scale Customization

Eliminate manual processes through customization: Map and edit fields and data flows that take your customer's business to the next level of progress.

Migrate with Complete Data Integrity

Migrate data/functionality from legacy software to Sage 300: Optimize transition with system modernization to deliver a seamless product experience.

Product Compliance

Update your software to comply with every Sage 300 PU: With every release, plan your rollout, and remain compliant and error-free in the race against time.

Product Testing and Quality Assurance

Stringent product testing: With automated and manual testing, ensure your customer's satisfaction by using the base framework to test functionality before and after customization.

What Our Clients Say


Thank you for your deliverables. You have designed the Payment Requisition Manager application very well. Your team has done an excellent job in this complex solution that integrates with Primavera Contract Manager for Constructions. Please convey my appreciations to your team members.

Axis Global Partner



Excellent! By the way, Great job! You have done some excellent work. I know it was a challenge. I have been telling all my team and business partners how pleased I am:) I hope it gets you and your team a ton more opportunities!



Great job everyone!!! Thanks team for staying late and finishing this to meet/beat our deadline. Great teamwork.

Sage Software



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